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Generali.st offers On Demand Tech Advising and CTO Actions packages so you can move your startup faster.

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We are continually researching and refining what delivers great software, great work processes, and great teams. We love sharing our insights.


We'll find you the right tools

There is a lot to consider when choosing your software infrastructure. You can run up a hefty bill quickly developing custom APIs or apps with little to show for it if you aren't careful. At the same time if you skimp on the wrong thing early on, you can end up paying over and over for the mistake.

Generali.st's knowledge and experience will enable you to navigate these pitfalls while your software and its stack evolves. You can be happy knowing you saved money by avoiding unnecessary costs.

Generali.st was integral to the conception, development, launch, and maintenance of the project. They oversaw the entire tech stack, smoothly coordinated contributions from the designers with infrastructure from the systems administrator, and advised on everything from interface design to product decisions.

David Moore, Executive Director, AskThem.io


Reach new heights

Putting core metrics in place and knowing how to interpret them is often overlooked. Generali.st's expertise can point you at what your users are responding to and what needs improvement.

You can feel secure that you are creating what is essential to grow your business.

We've trusted Generali.st with some of our key tech choices and been super happy with the results. They have saved us time and money by pointing out parts of our plans that were unnecessary as well as suggesting approaches that truly set our product apart.

Raashi Khanduri, CEO, Lytbulb


Work with awesome people

As a part of our CTO Actions package we can help you hire or contract technical team members that can get the job done and will be great to work with.

We're particularly attuned to building and optimizing teams that work remotely. Successful digital nomads are by definition adaptable and innovative.

Walter and Generali.st have talent that goes far beyond technology. Sure, he has all of the requisite expertise that an awesome developer would have, but he also brings true business savvy and interpersonal relationship skills to every situation he’s presented with. He’s an awesome guy to have on your team!

Mike DeCecco, President, ParentCo

Still not sure what Generali.st can do for you? Read our blog post on why you may need a CTO-for-hire or On Demand Tech Advising.

Ready to get the tech help you need?

According to Salary.com, the median monthly salary of a full time CTO is almost $19,000. Generali.st offers stripped down pre-defined work packages that give predictable costs to suit your needs.

On Demand Tech Advising

per session

  • 40 minute video conference
  • Written summary of advice & recommendations
  • Suggested resources specific to your situation

During tech advising sessions we'll review your technical challenges and work on solutions.

Generali.st will provide you with a written summary with resources you need and actionable advice.

Buy a session and you'll get a 20% discount on the Advising + CTO Actions package!


Advising + CTO Actions

per month

  • Tech Advising session every 2 weeks
  • Generali.st will work on CTO action items to suit your goals

Every month we'll have two tech advising sessions. We'll review activity since last session, follow up on previous goals, and set new targets for the upcoming period.

We'll decide on specific action items for Generali.st to tackle for you.*

* there are some limitations to the amount of CTO Actions included per month. Read more for details
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  • On Demand Tech Advising sessions
  • Additional CTO Actions

Let's talk. Generali.st can arrange a range of consulting services on an as needed basis.

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